Let’s just address the elephant in the room at this point shall we? Death. 

No one likes talking about it, no one likes dealing with it or accepting it for that matter. 

Only problem is, it’s inevitable, and the better prepared you are today, the better off you and your family will be tomorrow.

Legacy planning is vital

ALBM lets you prepare, store, track and share your and your family’s most important documents, leaving you and your loved ones better equipped to face the inevitable and the unexpected.


There are  currently $80 Billion dollars of unclaimed assets in the United States. These are in the form of unclaimed property from abandoned bank accounts, safe deposit boxes, stocks, uncashed dividend or payroll checks, bonds, mutual funds, and utility security deposits. In addition to $1 billion in unclaimed life insurance.

At ALBM, we want to help you plan for the unexpected by providing a single, secure and easy to use location where you can upload, store, track and share life’s most important documents. This will ensure that when the time comes, all of the benefits and the legacy you leave behind will be accessed by your family in a seamless manner.


Our goal is to make afterlife benefits management simple. We want to ensure that our customers are fully prepared for the unexpected, leaving everything ready for their loved ones when the time comes. For beneficiaries, trustees and executors, we want to relieve the burden and remove the tedious tasks of getting everything in place after the passing of a loved one.

Core Competencies 

Planning Checklists

Secure Storage & Tracking

Sharing and user access with pre-determined controls