Security you can trust

At ALBM we continuously work to crate the greatest relationships with the best security professionals and organizations in the market, enabling an enjoyable and comforting experience. We treat you and your family’s information as if it were our own and ensure our security teams and partners are fully accredited, experienced, and well versed in their efforts. 

Password Protection

SSL Encryption

Two-Factor Authentication

Login Protection

Secure Sharing

So who can access my information?

Upon your control, you have total access as to who can see which specific information and when they can see it. Contingent on your preference, you have complete decision and access as to what specific data can be seen to other parties – family members, beneficiaries, etc. Seamless procedures can trigger immediate access when needed and to who.

Your vital information is in your control,

we are here to help manage it.

Protecting against:

  • Hackers

  • Cyber Attacks

  • Technological Malfunctions

  • And more…

Multi-Factor Authentication

We do not take security lightly…in efforts to cross our t’s and dot our i’s, we implement a two-factor authentication so you can confirm who and when your information is accessed following protocols of the largest banks, financial services, and technology companies.

Contact Us! We would be more than glad to speak to you about our security measures and how we proactively work to make our product as safe as if it were stored under your bed.