We understand this process can be a bit overwhelming. Our simple step-by-step digital questionnaire will guide you through which documents are essential when preparing for the unexpected. We will let you know which docs you need. Just trust us.

Prepare & Upload

ALBM makes uploading essential documents a breeze. With a quick click of a button on your phone camera or a direct scan from your computer, documents that would typically be lost around the house, are  deposited in your digital ALBM. You name it, anything from a marriage  certificate to a will, to a life insurance policy, we got you covered.

Organize & Securely Store

After uploading, your documents are automatically saved in a highly secure cloud-based digital repository which only you (and the loved ones you wish) have access to. Our user interface allows for optimal automated organization. Documents are stored in appropriate silos, giving you peace of mind that everything is where it should be and can be accessed in no time.

Track & Share

ALBM lets you know what documents you are missing from your legacy planning portfolio and allows you to provide designated loved ones with access to necessary information.

 Maybe you want them to have access immediately? Or maybe you prefer for these docs to be kept private until your passing? Either way, we got you. Don’t stress.